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"Excuse me, Mr. Romney, but I believe this is your signature...." Romney can get red in the face defending his honor. He can hold his breath until he turns blue waiting for an apology. But he can'...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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One of the most viral presidential ads to date, with over a million hits on Youtube, has been unleashed in a host of battleground states. And according to ABC News (and even Republican strategists), ...
by David Harris Gershon
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BIG UPDATE! At the very end of her show tonight, Rachel offered this tantalizing teaser about the story she will be opening Friday night's show with. You might want to tune in tomorrow night and ...
by hungrycoyote
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OleHippieDude, my hubby of 42 years this December, is a musician, a drummer, and has been since he was 10, so for 53 years he's played all sorts of music. We're pretty much still rockers, though. I ...
by OleHippieChick
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America owes thanks to a courageous act, probably involving civil disobedience, done, probably by someone on the catering staff, during a high roller fund raiser for Mitt Romney at the home of a ...
by LeftOfYou
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Rolling Stone Magazine has published a great article online, which will be published in the October 25th issue, so read it before it hits the newsstands. The article deals with the number of ways ...
by Shawn Russell
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Four years ago, the Mitt Romneys of the world nearly destroyed the global economy with their greed, shortsightedness and – most notably – wildly irresponsible use of debt in pursuit of personal ...
by route66
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The Sensata story has taken a life of it's own. It is all over twitter and slowly but surely working it's way into the mainstream media. Our friends on the right have caught wind of this and have ...
by TheNewDeal00
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If this is an indicator or preview of the Romney economic policy in action, we are all in deep, deep trouble.
by TheNewDeal00
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DRIP DRIP DRIP - Bloomberg's title is spot on . It goes on to say, in essence, that Romney's type of business experience doesn't equate to the type of management skills needed to be President of ...
by War on Error
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It seems middle America, including Independents, understand the story of lay-offs; And it seems they also understand the story of Bain Capital too . And most folks don't like the unhappy-endings ...
by jamess
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Michael Milken outside Federal courthouse in Manhattan, ca. 1989 (Keith Meyers/The New York Times) The Boston Globe is hot off the press with a ...
by brooklynbadboy
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In my diary yesterday entitled "If Romney Wasn't at Bain from 1999 to 2002, He Forgot to Tell the Business Press" yesterday, I suggested I had found more than just the two stories I mentioned in ...
by Lasgalen Lothir
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The business model of radio is matching advertising dollars with ears via content. The model of right-wing talk radio, on the other hand, appears to be matching dollars with mostly phony listeners ...
by Richard Myers
Comment Count 132 comments on Wed Jul 11, 2012 at 05:57 AM PDT with 452 Recommends
Break out the popcorn, folks; the Obama campaign smells blood in the water and isn't wasting any time going in for the kill: For those without video, here's the transcript:
by Brainwrap
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Former Republican Budget Director for Ronald Reagan told the truth about what Romney did at Bain Capital on the Fox Business Channel. I'm sure he won't be back and this will never be seen on FoxNews.
by TomP
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Many were surprised to watch Meet The ...
by DSWright
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A short while ago, I wrote up an idea for an ad I'd like to see. I was hoping someone might run with the idea, but I realize that that someone's gonna have to be me. A lot of my videos are pretty ...
by Crashing Vor
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Thursday's revelations in the Boston Globe that Mitt Romney did not in fact leave Bain Capital in February 1999 have put the GOP standard bearer in hot water. At best, the contention if true would ...
by Jon Perr
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Here is more info on Romney/Bain moving Sensata factory to China. But first, watch this 10 second video. And then watch the video below the fold...
by Zwoof
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